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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Exempt organizations user fee 2022

Instructions and Help about Exempt organizations user fee 2022

Hey good evening everyone listen this is doctor a and I decided to do something different because I've had more than one person in a matter of a few days asked me some of the same questions and this isn't just some tidbits I want to share with you for those that are churches if you are pastor and you have a church or if you are a nonprofit organization I want to let you know that there are benefits for tax-exempt status some of you all might have heard about it some of you all may not be sure about it but I need to to really let let you know what's going on and if you are a nonprofit organization if you feel like you know you've been doing the work and maybe you're not you know organized yet don't have your corporation papers together yet or you know maybe your church and you say you know I'm really not operating right with the government I hope they don't find out well hoping and all that stuff really isn't good so for those that may not know I've been doing practically everything with business for over 20 years now and I specialize with nonprofit organizations such as churches and nonprofit organizations when I say nonprofit it can be anything from doing a shelter youth sports because you know dealing with like say for instance YMCA and so forth and and even if you're not why I'm say if you doing something similar to that nature if you're doing anything that's charitable even evangelism ministries that's a little bit different but you can also qualify for tax-exempt status if you are full-time evangelism but I just want to share with you some of the benefits that you get from being tax-exempt such as with the 501c3 which is the one of the main one says very popular some made only qualify for the 501 eight that's a different area it's possible that the ones that I've done mainly have been full-time evangelist that when I say full-time invent not just you just go down the street and preach some what I mean that travels constantly and this is their full-time job I've also helped set that up but this is I just want to share with you some of the benefits because I think if you choose to come with me or not you still need to know this information all right and if nothing else if anybody that knows me I like to give out information I want to give you what what I've been what I believe you need to know for yourself okay now there's some benefits for being a 501 C 3 tax except it doesn't mean that you're cheating the government it just it means that you you're getting help because if you are truly not just saying you're gonna make up something to be you know a nonprofit organization but if you.

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